A Home looks at the Thiel Gallery’s origins as a residence and strives to explore and enhance its dual identity as a home and and art space. The theme is highlighted from a site-specific and contemporary perspective. In the spirit of the Thiels, we wanted to include contemporary art and have invited the following seven artists, who reflect in different ways on what a home is: Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena, Linda Hofvander, Lap-See Lam, Berit Lindfeldt, Sirous Namazi, Petronella Petander and Helene Schmitz.

Linda Hofvander is represented with works from the series The Space of Things, and adds a new work to the series in a dialogue with the exhibit rooms as former bedrooms, The Bedframe, 2022. Also shown are two of the original textile works as textile sculptures in the dining room; The Table on the dining table and The Window in front of the only window.